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Featured Projects

  • Brown’s Dictionary logo - book with the letter B

Brown’s Dictionary is a native mobile dictionary application for inspired students who know that understanding verbs is the key to language learning.

  • Ghosteo logo - a chat bubble personified as a ghost

Ghosteo is an in-browser do-it-yourself text encryption tool.


Pkgcache is a drop-in replacement for npm install or bower install that caches installation files in a local directory. It is aware of OS, and the versions of node, npm, and bower. It’s also capable of uploading archives to AWS S3 to share build assets among teammates or continuous integration build agents.


Safekeep is an incremental backup utility which takes advantage of rsync’s ability to hard link files.

  • NPM logo - the node package manager

Plus more utilities on NPM!

  • Github logo

Other contributions to various open source projects are published under the Daily Raisin Github profile.